Keeper of the register

Business ID 0817659-6

Name of the register

Vuokko oy’s register

Name and contact info of the person responsible for register issues

Mere Eskolin /

Intended use of the register

We collect personal data for taking care of the customer relationship. The legal basis for handling is the contract between the keeper of the register and a customer and as a result stemming legal obligations. Handing over the personal data is a requirement for the contract to come into existence. Simplified, you can’t order products from our online store if you don’t hand over the personal data required by an order to the register.

We also collect personal data for email marketing. The legal basis for handling of personal data is customer’s consent, which is also possible to cancel (more about this latter).

Data included in the register

E.g. the following info can be processed in the service:

  • Email
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Previous orders and purchases from the online store


Which data we collect

We collect personal data only with your consent. By giving your data when making your order, we assume you accept the collection of your personal data to the register.


Vuokko Oy uses cookies in order to enhance the quality of service. The browsing of pages without cookies can affect the functions of the service, when some functions are cannot be used.

Handing over the data

Data won’t be handed over to the third parties unless it’s relevant for the implementation of the service.

Your rights

The registered person has the right to check the data and ask for deleting the data. If you want that your personal data altered or deleted, please contact us by email or by post to address Vuokko Oy, Hopeasalmentie 27, 00570 Helsinki.